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Terra Nostra ~ Gourmet Organic Chocolate

Terra Nostra certified organic chocolate is known in the industry for its magnificent taste, sensuously silky texture, and luxuriant finish. Each Terra Nostra Organic chocolate truffle or bar represents the work of five generations of chocolatiers. Our innovative techniques and high cocoa content result in flavor experiences that truly bring magic to the palate!

Fair Trade and Proud of It!

Terra Nostra is a founding member of Equi-Trade (now called Equitable Trade), which gives the farmers fair trade and beyond with organic chocolate production. Our organic chocolates are made from the highest quality raw materials which have been organically grown, harvested and compassionately processed. This process ensures a gourmet chocolate that delivers a robust and intense earthy cacao taste.

Announcing: the Gourmet Food Academy Award

We are proud to announce that our organic chocolate bars judged by the highly regarded International Taste and Quality Institute ( of Brussels, Belgium, received the prestigious Superior Taste Award. ITQI awards are among the most coveted in the gourmet food world, equivalent to winning an Academy Award or Olympic medals.

Gourmet Chocolates for the Lactose Sensitive

If you or someone you know is lactose intolerant, you may be looking for a non dairy chocolate. For non dairy chocolates, we offer Ricemilk bars, as well as specialty gluten free chocolate. Shop online for our gourmet non-dairy ingredient chocoolates, for yourself or as a gift.

The Gift of Organic Chocolate

Enjoy the benefits, and feel better about it! Visit our online store for gourmet organic truffles, dark chocolate, chocolate bars and hot chocolate. Gift packages available - the perfect present for the chocolate lover in your life!

Terra Nostra Organic Chocolate is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Contact us at 1.888.439.4443 or to arrange distributorship, or shop online for the perfect gift!

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