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The International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) awarded its Superior Taste Award 2007 to KFM Foods International for its range of organic chocolates, including Bon Bona and Terra Nostra brands. Louis Frère, Managing Partner, commented, “The Superior Taste Award is a self-explaining label to guide undecided consumers looking for the tastiest products. Experience shows that impact on sales and on notoriety can be quite significant.” The iTQi is the leading independent chef- and sommelier-based organization dedicated to judging, honouring, and promoting superior-tasting food and drink.

May 2007 - Terra Nostra™ Organic Chocolate is proud to announce that it sweeps up ten awards out of its twelve bars submitted for its delectable and deliciously indulgent organic chocolates at the International Taste & Quality Institute Superior Taste Awards 2007.

Last year’s success at the iTQi 2006 Awards included 3 Stars for Terra Nostra’s 73% Intense Dark, 2 Stars for the 60% Double Dark Truffle and Satin Milk Truffle, and 1 Star for the Robust Dark Raisin & Pecans. This year 10 out of the 12 bars submitted for the 2007 Awards consistently received 2 Stars Each reflecting a Superior global sensory analysis score.
“We warmly congratulate you for this remarkable achievement. Your company and your team should be particularly proud to market products that are so highly prized for their superior taste,” commented Louis Frère and Christian De Bau, Managing Partners of the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi).
KFM President Karlo Flores adds, "It is with great pride that we accept, on behalf of the many grower families, processors and the many other partners that take pride in providing us with the top quality ingredients and technology for us to create our chocolate magic. Being recognized with 10 Superior Taste Awards from such distinguished and well-trained palates comprising iTQi, re-enforces the deep and continued commitment of Terra Nostra Organic and our new Bon Bona All Natural Indulgence premium brand to provide the Best Tasting experience we can.”
2007 Award Winning Chocolates include:

Terra Nostra Organic

1) Dark Caramel Bar
2) Pomegranate Dark Truffle Bar
3) Milk Caramel Bar
4) Non-Dairy Rice Milk & Almonds
5) Non-Dairy Rice Milk & Dark Truffle
6) Robust Dark & Roasted Almond Bar
7) Toffee and Dark Chocolate Bar
8) Toffee and Milk Chocolate Bar
9) Dark Ganache Truffles
Bon-Bona All Natural Indulgence
10) Bon Bona Single Origin Choco

Superbly reputable, the iTQi actively partners with the 10 most prestigious European culinary organizations: Maîtres Cuisiniers of France and Belgium , Academy of Culinary Arts, Federación de Asociaciones de CocinerosAcadémie Culinaire of France , Academy of Culinary Arts, Associaciones de Cocineros de España, Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe, Federazione dei Cuochi Italiana, Academia Española de Gastronomía, Verband der Köche Deutschlands and Euro-Toques.

In April of 2006 Terra Nostra Organic won Superior Taste Award from the highly regarded International Taste and Quality Institute ( in Brussels, Belgium.

The judging chefs are members of major, professional culinary organizations such as Academia Española de Gastronomía, Maîtres Cuisiniers de France, Federazione Italiana Cuochi, and Verband der Köche Deutschlands.

The 73% Intense Dark bar received the top ranking of three stars, the Milk Truffle Chocolate bar and the Dark Truffle Chocolate bar earned two stars and the Dark Chocolate Raisin and Pecan bar was awarded one star.