terra nostra organic


About Terra Nostra Organic

Terra Nostra Organic Chocolate is coming up to its 10 year anniversary in 2008 and we are proud to say that we were one of the first organic chocolate companies ten years ago.  We currently offer thirteen flavors that are QAI certified organic and KD certified kosher.  All bars are created by a fifth generation chocolatier bringing years or expertise and history to each bite of chocolate.  Included in his line are gluten free, wheat free & non-dairy ingredient Ricemilk Choco bars.  Terra Nostra bars won awards for Superior Taste from ITQI of Brussels in 2006 & 2007.

Imagine organic ingredients and passionate indulgence combined in a perfect recipe; imagine blending a century of family technique with modern technology to produce intense burst of flavor in a steady stream of innovative products; imagine mmm-inspiring organic chocolate. This is Terra Nostra.

Karlo Flores, a Vancouver, British Columbia producer of organic chocolates, founded Terra Nostra Organic in 1998. Karlo is the youngest of a line of chocolate makers that spans five generations and two countries, Mexico and Canada. After the birth of Karlo's son, Marko and daughter, Natasha, he realized he wanted to make the world a better place by offering ethically grown, international organic chocolate. Mix the history & expertise with conscientiousness and you've got Terra Nostra Organic.

Terra Nostra is known in the industry for its magnificent taste, silky texture and consistent quality. Karlo continues to challenge himself as an innovator in the chocolate making market and improves techniques that result in flavor experiences that truly bring magic to your palate.

Terra Nostra works with suppliers from around the world, selecting premium cocoa profiles, such as raw chocolate production in Belgium and Switzerland. Terra Nostra manufactures in Europe, the U.S. and Canada. Karlo’s chocolate formulas are mastered through close consultations with scientists and technicians ensuring the best possible results through the most contemporary resources available in the market.

Terra Nostra chocolates currently outsell all other organic chocolate in the United States. Karlo is a no-nonsense entrepreneur and dedicated chocolatier. He is also an active member of the global chocolate community through a unique form of social giving called Equi-Trade (now called Equal Trade Alliance). Equal Trade was developed and nurtured to help those growers in countries where fairness is sometimes forgotten. With the increased exposure to child labor paired with the birth of Karlo's children, is what inspired the Equal Trade initiative. The parent company provides funding for Equal Trade. This funding will be through economic growth projects throughout the world. These projects are in areas where Terra Nostra’s raw materials are sourced and in the regions where Terra Nostra’s chocolate creations are consumed and enjoyed.