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January 9, 2007 - To whom it mat concern,
    My family has been dairy,soy and gluten free for five years and we just discovered your ricemilk chocolate bars. You are a godsend.  My children are now finally able to have a chocolate easter bunny in their baskets for the first time ever. I will melt it down and make them for them. I couldn't believe how great the chocolate tastes.  Our special diet gets easier and easier because of great companies like yours who finds out what some people want and need and caters to that need. Thanks for helping  us out with your product.
Jennifer Schimmel, Plainview, New York

November 13, 2007 - I just had to write you. Your Rice Milk chocolate is a revelation. I am a NY musician working hard to be vegan and I tried
your chocolate not knowing what to expect -- it was so good, I couldn't believe it. I won't ever worry about "missing out" on regular milk chocolate. .. yours is just dreamy. Thank you so much - and also for your fair trade ethics, which I truly appreciate too. Consider this a real fan letter... and thanks again so much... Best, Rebecca www.bluviolin.com. I loooooooooooooovvve that rice milk chocolate (getting even more addicted by the day)!

October 1st, 2007 - I just bought one of your chocolate bars, and OH MY GOODNESS! Let's just say this is the closest thing to milk chocolate this Vegan has ever had! AMAZING! Keep the awesome dairy-free products coming!
I picked it up at a  Wild Oats down here, and you totally just got several other customers as well (I gave some samples to other Vegan/lactose intolerant friends/cowokers), they can't believe it either. I've never seen a 'soymilk' or 'ricemilk' chocolate bar before, yours was the first, and I'm in LOVE! LOL I eat a ton of dark chocolate bars, because they are usually the Vegan kind, and I'm not complaining about them, they're really good. But I'm so stoked I FINALLY have a creamy one to choose from as well :)
Thanks again,
~Jennie, Tampe, Florida

August 11, 2007 - Hi, I just wanted say thank you for your company creating non-dairy yet very creamy chocolate!  My body suddenly started to react against any cow-related ingredients (beef, milk, butter, etc.) a couple of years ago, and my diet has totally been changed since then.  I had been thinking like I could not eat creamy milk chocolate again, and actually ended up eating non-dairy dark BITTER chocolate these days...So, when I fond your non-dairy rice milk chocolate at a wholefoods supermarket, I doubted my eyes, and even dropped my jaw when I tasted it. It does taste good, and CREAMY!!!! Wow!!!!!
Now your rice milk chocolates are always stored in my pantry so that I can enjoy it whenever I want...without guilty and allergic reaction :)
The tasty & creamy rice milk chocolate is a greatest invention ever, I really appreciate for it.
All the best,
Kyoko Ozawa

Dear Chocolate Makers, Wow, your chocolate is truly awesome!! You have the only chocolate that I am unable to tell the taste difference between your organic 73% cocoa dark chocolate and the Lindt white label 72 or maybe it is 73% dark chocolate. You both have terrific quality chocolate at that cocoa level. It's smooth, not bitter, very palpable and doesn't taste like a mouthful of grease like a cheap brand.( I break out in grease pimples from a cheap brand.) Other high content cocoa chocolate bars still do not have the quality of the above 2 I mentioned, no matter how much advertising. You got a rating of a 10 on a 1-10 scale according to me. I can see why you show a superior taste award picture on your label. It's true! Don't do anything to cheapen your product or cut corners! I am sensitive enough to be able to taste even subtle changes in a chocolate quality. Milk chocolate doesn't even come close to the quality of a good dark chocolate, so I don't bother with it. You got my business now!
Signed, A Content Chocoholic, Sharon W.,Ravenna,Ohio

Your delicious Rice Milk Chocolate line is an absolute Godsend! Since going
dairy free, I had not found a perfect replacement for milk chocolate until I
tasted your product. I don't miss the cow milk in it at all! Thank you,
thank you, thank you, for the time and energy you have spent to make the
Rice Milk bar what it is.Thank you.
Sincerely and enthusiastically, Amanda Quaid Seattle, WA

“It’s gooood chocolate” Thom Randle, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Industry Affairs, ECRM

“Ever since we brought in the Terra Nostra chocolate bars last November, they have been outselling all other chocolate organic bars by 3 to 1, especially the Dark Truffle. The Ricemilk Choco bar is by far , the best tasting, creamiest and full flavored dairy free chocolate we sell!” Fran Ayala, Purchasing Director, Ellwood Thompson’s Natural Market

"What can I say...we love you, we love you, we love you.  In case you're wondering, Hannah (my daughter) and I have just enjoyed your ricemilk chocolate bar.  It is exactly as you describe it, smooth, velvety and rich.  Thank you for this delightful treat!
Hannah (9 years old) has been dairy-free for the last 3 years, and myself for 11 years.  We love chocolate and have tried countless dark and dairy-free types.  Yours is just as I remember milk chocolate tasting and melting in your mouth.  We have a new favorite!
I plan to go to my Giant store and purchase a stockpile as I tell them to order more.  I also plan to tell all my dairy-free friends, so keep up the good work.  I see that you have two other kinds, and I will be asking my store to stock them also. 
Thanks again from two die-hard chocoholics!
Sincerely, Melissa Wilson"  (consumer)

To Whom This Concerns:
I must compliment you IMMENSELY on your awesome product.  My husband, Patrick, has not been able to have chocolate in YEARS because he has a problem digesting dairy (beyond the usual "lactose intolerant").  Your products have given him NO problems at all and now he can enjoy chocolate again.
Keep up the great work!
Lisa Marie Brock (consumer)